Bosch 0001230020 Starter motor for Iveco, New Holland

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0001230020 0001230026 0001262019 0001262020 0001262021 0001262022  19083000 19980N  254129 254129B 254129M 2852178 323019050 47132888 500.545.103 504031929 504357109 504357110 8003 88213989 DRS0026 DS1136  LRS02407 SG9063 STR50290 STR50579 S0301 STRF449 MAV123040 MAV122680 CGB-93020 114021 LRS2407 25-4079 EAA-121767 120-20191

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Voltage [ V ] 12
Power [ kW ] 3
Rotation CW
Size A [ mm ] 89
Size B [ mm ] 27
No./teeth [ qty. ] 10
No./teeth (fits into) [ qty. ] 10
No./mount. holes [ qty. ] 3
No./mount. holes with thread [ qty. ] 0
L.1 [ mm ] 315
O.1 [ mm ] 90
O.2 [ mm ] 127
O.3 [ mm ] 90
C.1 [ mm ] 11
C.2 [ mm ] 11
C.3 [ mm ] 11

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    Our company—Nitel Motors is an excellent manufacturer of gear-reduction starters and its components. We have passed ISO/TS 16949-2009 International Quality System strictly. Our satisfied products include Delco 38MT and 39 MT series, Bosch series, Mitsubishi series, Prestolite series, Hitachi series, more than 10 series and 100 models of starting motors. Our products suit for many kinds of engines and Trucks, such as Cummins engines, Deutz engines, Freightliner Trucks, International Trucks, Caterpiller engines, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, DAF Trucks, Scania Trucks, Daewoo Trucks, Iveco Trucks, OMAN Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Nissan Trucks, Weichai Power engines, Sinotruk, DCEC engines, CCEC engines, Shanghai Diesel engines, Dalian Diesel engines and so on.
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    0001230020 BOSCH
    0001230026 BOSCH
    0001262019 BOSCH
    0001262020 BOSCH
    0001262021 BOSCH
    0001262022 BOSCH
    120-20191 ROBERT’S
    19083000 DELCO
    19980N WAI/TRANSPO
    25-4079 ELSTOCK
    254129 KUHNER
    254129B KUHNER
    254129M KUHNER
    2852178 CASE
    323019050 IVECO
    47132888 FIAT
    500.545.103 PSH
    504031929 IVECO
    504357109 IVECO
    504357110 IVECO
    8003 CEVAM
    88213989 POWERMAX
    DRS0026 DELCO
    DS1136 DELCO
    EAA-121767 EAA
    LRS02407 LUCAS
    S0301 AS-PL
    STRF449 3EFFE
    MAV123040 SIOM
    MAV122680 SIOM
    CGB-93020 AINDE
    114021 CARGO
    LRS2407 LUCAS

    In some cars, when the starter is replaced, some parts have been severely worn, and sometimes the starter is burnt out. So what is the reason for this phenomenon?

    1. The starter solenoid switch and the rotor burn out

    The main reason is that the gear cannot be returned to its original position. The start switch is energized, and the start relay is energized.

    2. The starter commutator burned out

    The continuous starting interval is short, the load is too large, and the clutch is started with a gear. It is strictly forbidden to start the motor with load. This phenomenon is a violation of operating procedures.

    3. The unidirectional device is destroyed

    When the starter switch and the starter relay are connected to the virtual power, it will cause the electromagnetic switch to start the motor at the second time, causing the unidirectional device to be destroyed, the motor burned out, and the electromagnetic switch burned out.

    4. Burned in winter

    If the diesel oil label is too low, the continuous starting interval is short, the load is too large, and the battery and wire are aging. Check the circuit and replace the battery.

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