Bosch 0001231010 Starter motors for Iveco

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113183 19664N 20401166BN 20401166OE 254107 254107B 28.3018  6010661 861049 CST10661AS CST10661GS DRT1690  LRS00837 S0425 STR22063 STRS094 MAV126610 MAV2040 110521 110517 CS231 CS232 LRS837 PG260D STR22103 MS248 S0080 STRS077 MAV126620 LRS1942 CGB-23828  45-0398 EAA-121525 0001231010 4807378 0986021690 75114529 2169 500325185 19084219 455517

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Deceleration starter

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Voltage [ V ] 24
Power [ kW ] 4
Rotation CW
Size A [ mm ] 110
Size B [ mm ] 27
No./teeth [ qty. ] 9
No./teeth (fits into) [ qty. ] 9
No./mount. holes [ qty. ] 3
No./mount. holes with thread [ qty. ] 0
L.1 [ mm ] 316
O.1 [ mm ] 147
O.2 [ mm ] 104
O.3 [ mm ] 104

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    0001231010 BOSCH
    113183 CARGO
    19664N WAI/TRANSPO
    20401166BN REAL
    20401166OE REAL
    254107 KUHNER
    254107B KUHNER
    28.3018 LAUBER
    45-0398 ELSTOCK
    6010661 SANDO
    861049 PRESTOLITE
    CST10661AS CASCO
    CST10661GS CASCO
    DRT1690 DELCO
    EAA-121525 EAA
    LRS00837 LUCAS
    S0425 AS-PL
    STRS094 3EFFE
    MAV126610 SIOM
    MAV2040 SIOM
    110521 CARGO
    110517 CARGO
    CS231 HC-PARTS
    CS232 HC-PARTS
    LRS837 LUCAS
    PG260D DELCO
    MS248 MAHLE
    S0080 AS-PL
    STRS077 3EFFE
    MAV126620 SIOM
    CGB-23828 AINDE
    LRS1942 LUCAS

    The main difference between the deceleration starter and the conventional starter: The deceleration starter is equipped with a gear reduction device between the transmission mechanism and the armature shaft, and the torque is transmitted to the one-way clutch through the reduction device, which can reduce the speed of the motor and increase the output. Torque reduces the volume and mass of the starter.

    Advantages of the deceleration starter: the volume and weight of the deceleration starter are about half of the traditional starter, saving raw materials, and at the same time it is very convenient to disassemble and repair. The number of magnetic pole pairs of the deceleration starter is the same as that of the traditional starter, but the field coil winding often adopts the method of connecting multiple small wires in series. Although the winding method of the armature winding is the same as the traditional principle, the manufacturing process is advanced.

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