Bosch 0001261016 Starte Motors For Weichai WD615

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BOSCH Starter Motor




  • Delivery Time: 30- 45 days
  • Warranty: 1 Year Guarantee
  • Conditions: 100% New unit built to meet OEM specifications
  • Product description:24V  5.5KW   11T   CW
  • Weight:10.00kg

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0001261016 Voltage [ V ] 24
Power [ kW ] 5.5
Rotation CW
Size A [ mm ] 89
Size B [ mm ] 48
No./teeth [ qty. ] 11
No./teeth (fits into) [ qty. ] 11
No./mount. holes [ qty. ] 3
No./mount. holes with thread [ qty. ] 0
L.1 [ mm ] 319
O.1 [ mm ] 90
O.2 [ mm ] 90
O.3 [ mm ] 127
C.1 [ mm ] 11
C.2 [ mm ] 11
C.3 [ mm ] 11


Bosch 0001241008, 0001241012, 0001261016, 0001261022



Iskra11131564. AZF4563


STB4327ULTB4327YJ, STB6327MH.

STB7327MH.STB8327MN, STB9327. STB9327LC.

STB9327NL STB9327UL. STD4327MH,

STD4327UW.STM4327MH. STM4327UW.

STM7327MH.STM9327UW, STQ4327RN

MAHLE MS741, MS744

Motorherz STB4327WA, STB6327WA,

STB7327WA.STB9327WA, STD4327WA, STM4327WA

Unipoint STR2412. STR2462

WAI 2-2954-BO

Weichai 61200090293, 612600030011, 612600090293

612600090293J, 612600090561, 612630030011



1627111671(1) 603aecf69c5f409822f90408cdf1641


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    STRF161   3EFFE
    0001241008   BOSCH
    0001241012   BOSCH
    0001261016   BOSCH
    114327   CARGO
    CST10803AS   CASCO
    EAA-121694   EAA
    254213   KUHNER
    20401308BN   REAL
    6010803   SANDO
    30153N   WAI / TRANSPO
    STR50295   WOODAUTO

    1). When using the starter in winter, warm up the engine and use antifreeze oil.

    2). The starter should be inspected and maintained every 3 months, and the copper sleeve, bearing or brush should be replaced if necessary. The maintenance period can be appropriately shortened or extended depending on the usage.

    3). If any starter malfunction is found, please ask a professional car electrician for repair.

    4). It is strictly forbidden to flush the starter with water during the engine test run or cleaning to prevent damage to the starter due to water ingress.

    5). When starting or inspecting and repairing the starter, the car should be in neutral.

    6). If the internal resistance of the battery increases with the decrease of temperature in the low temperature environment, the battery should be effectively heated at this time to achieve the purpose of reducing the internal resistance and facilitate starting.

    7). Use low temperature batteries in plateau or low temperature environment.

    8). The continuous working time of each starter shall not exceed 5s, and the interval between two adjacent starts shall not be less than 35s

    9). The engine should be checked first and the starter can only be used when the engine is normal.

    10). When the starter is in use, if the power output one-way gear and the engine gear ring have top teeth, first check whether the engine gear ring is worn and the one-way gear cannot mesh with the engine flywheel gear ring.

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