Mitsubishi M008T62671 Starter motors for MAN

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LRS02725, LRS2725, 51262017236, M008T62671, M008T62671AM, M8T62671, M8T62671AM

STRL904 ,S5187,UD02776S,986023200,CST35636 ,CST35636AS,CST35636ES ,CST35636GS

CST35636OS,CST35636RS ,19081034,DRS0548 ,DS1658 ,45-4398 ,220556,STM4236,254533

254533P ,254700,MITM8T62671 ,860813,M85R3003SE ,551.514.123 ,20437636OE ,RNLM8T62671

130-80194 ,6035636

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M008T62671 Voltage (V) 24
Kilowatt (kW) 5
Teeth 12
Rotation CW
Nose Cone No
Mounting Type Flange
Mounting Holes 3
Threaded Holes 0
Starter Design PLGR
OE Manufacturer MITSUBISHI
Vehicle Manufacturer MAN

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    Our company—Nitel Motors is an excellent manufacturer of gear-reduction starters and its components. We have passed ISO/TS 16949-2009 International Quality System strictly. Our satisfied products include Delco 38MT and 39 MT series, Bosch series, Mitsubishi series, Prestolite series, Hitachi series, more than 10 series and 100 models of starting motors. Our products suit for many kinds of engines and Trucks, such as Cummins engines, Deutz engines, Freightliner Trucks, International Trucks, Caterpiller engines, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, DAF Trucks, Scania Trucks, Daewoo Trucks, Iveco Trucks, OMAN Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Nissan Trucks, Weichai Power engines, Sinotruk, DCEC engines, CCEC engines, Shanghai Diesel engines, Dalian Diesel engines and so on.
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    LUCAS LRS02725
    LUCAS LRS2725
    MAN 51262017236
    MITSUBISHI M008T62671
    3EFFE STRL904
    AS-PL S5187
    AS-PL UD02776S
    BOSCH 986023200
    CASCO CST35636
    CASCO CST35636AS
    CASCO CST35636ES
    CASCO CST35636GS
    CASCO CST35636OS
    CASCO CST35636RS
    DELCO 19081034
    DELCO DRS0548
    DELCO DS1658
    ELSTOCK 45-4398
    ERA 220556
    KRAUF STM4236
    KUHNER 254533
    KUHNER 254533P
    KUHNER 254700
    MKUHNER 254700
    PRESTOLITE 860813
    PSH 551.514.123
    REAL 20437636OE
    RNL RNLM8T62671
    ROBERT’S 130-80194
    SANDO 6035636
    FL FL 280-16 2006 - 7100cc, 280HP
    FL FL 280-18 2006 - 7100cc, 280HP
    FL FL 290-12 2009 - 7100cc, 290HP
    FL FL 290-14 2009 - 7100cc, 290HP
    FL FL 290-16 2009 - 7100cc, 290HP
    FL FL 290-18 2009 - 7100cc, 290HP

    The main difference between the deceleration starter and the conventional starter: The deceleration starter is equipped with a gear reduction device between the transmission mechanism and the armature shaft, and the torque is transmitted to the one-way clutch through the reduction device, which can reduce the speed of the motor and increase the output. Torque reduces the volume and mass of the starter.

    Advantages of the deceleration starter: the volume and weight of the deceleration starter are about half of the traditional starter, saving raw materials, and at the same time it is very convenient to disassemble and repair. The number of magnetic pole pairs of the deceleration starter is the same as that of the traditional starter, but the field coil winding often adopts the method of connecting multiple small wires in series. Although the winding method of the armature winding is the same as the traditional principle, the manufacturing process is advanced.

    The working principle of the alternator: the stator and the rotor of the generator are connected and assembled by the bearing and the end cover, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and cut the movement of the magnetic lines of force, thereby generating the induced electric potential, which is led out through the terminal and connected to the loop In, an electric current is generated.

    The principle of electromagnetic induction, which uses wire cutting magnetic lines of force to induce electric potential, converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into electrical energy output. The synchronous generator consists of two parts: a stator and a rotor. The stator is the armature that generates electricity, and the rotor is the magnetic pole. The stator consists of an armature iron core, three-phase windings uniformly discharged, a base and an end cover, etc. The rotor is usually a hidden pole type, consisting of an excitation winding, an iron core and a shaft, a guard ring, and a center ring.

    The excitation winding of the rotor is energized with a direct current to produce a nearly sinusoidal distributed magnetic field (called the rotor magnetic field), and its effective excitation magnetic flux intersects with the stationary armature winding. When the rotor rotates, the magnetic field of the rotor rotates at the same time, with each revolution, the magnetic lines of force sequentially cut each phase winding of the stator, and a three-phase AC electric potential is induced in the three-phase stator winding.


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