Mitsubishi M008T70471 Starter motor for Sdmo K4e

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STRS189 CGB-23598 S5171 UD02138S UD02151S 110947 CST35164 CST35164AS CST35164ES CST35164GS CST35164OS CST35164RS 1962781C1 DRS3598 EAA-111400 25-1224 JS1014 201014 201014V 254303 254303M 22.1014 17556 18974 LRS01189 LRS1189 M002T56271 M002T56272 M003T61171 M008T70471 M008T70471 M2T56271 M2T56272 M3T61171 M8T70471 M8T70471A MM409411 MM409412 MM409413 31A66-00101 31A66-0010 20513021 150.525.132 6035164 MAV371640 STR28007 STR71041 17096N

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M008T70471 Voltage (V) 12
Kilowatt (kW) 2.2
Teeth 13
Rotation CW

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    3EFFE STRS189
    AINDE CGB-23598
    AS-PL S5171
    AS-PL UD02138S
    AS-PL UD02151S
    CARGO 110947
    CASCO CST35164
    CASCO CST35164AS
    CASCO CST35164ES
    CASCO CST35164GS
    CASCO CST35164OS
    CASCO CST35164RS
    CASE 1962781C1
    DELCO DRS3598
    EAA EAA-111400
    ELSTOCK 25-1224
    HC PARTS JS1014
    KUHNER 201014
    KUHNER 201014V
    KUHNER 254303
    KUHNER 254303M
    LAUBER 22.1014
    LESTER 17556
    LESTER 18974
    LUCAS LRS01189
    LUCAS LRS1189
    MITSUBISHI M002T56271
    MITSUBISHI M002T56272
    MITSUBISHI M003T61171
    MITSUBISHI M008T70471
    AMITSUBISHI M008T70471
    NISSAN 31A66-00101
    2NISSAN 31A66-0010
    PRESTOLITE 20513021
    PSH 150.525.132
    SANDO 6035164
    SIOM MAV371640
    WAI TRANSPO 17096N

    The working principle of the alternator: the stator and the rotor of the generator are connected and assembled by the bearing and the end cover, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and cut the movement of the magnetic lines of force, thereby generating the induced electric potential, which is led out through the terminal and connected to the loop In, an electric current is generated.

    The principle of electromagnetic induction, which uses wire cutting magnetic lines of force to induce electric potential, converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into electrical energy output. The synchronous generator consists of two parts: a stator and a rotor. The stator is the armature that generates electricity, and the rotor is the magnetic pole. The stator consists of an armature iron core, three-phase windings uniformly discharged, a base and an end cover, etc. The rotor is usually a hidden pole type, consisting of an excitation winding, an iron core and a shaft, a guard ring, and a center ring.

    The excitation winding of the rotor is energized with a direct current to produce a nearly sinusoidal distributed magnetic field (called the rotor magnetic field), and its effective excitation magnetic flux intersects with the stationary armature winding. When the rotor rotates, the magnetic field of the rotor rotates at the same time, with each revolution, the magnetic lines of force sequentially cut each phase winding of the stator, and a three-phase AC electric potential is induced in the three-phase stator winding.

    The quality of the starter directly affects the service life of the car, so we must choose a high-quality car starter when buying a car. Okay, if it is a disassembled starter, connect the positive and negative poles of the battery on the car to the surface of the starter (that is, let it loop and connect the ground wire) and the live wire end of the starter Then use the live wire end to touch the wire of the ignition lock. If it can operate normally (there is no noise inside, no smoke, fire, etc.), it should be good. In addition, if there is no load , Can’t try out the gears of the starter, you need to install the car to know.

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