Starter, 24V, 5.5kW, 12t
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SCANIA 579265
SCANIA 1447911

As the name suggests, the deceleration starter is used to decelerate. The reducer is mainly to get the number of revolutions required by the customer. For example, if the mixer is directly connected to the motor, if it is 1450 revolutions per minute, everything will be stirred. If you use a reducer , Reduce the number of revolutions to 50 revolutions per minute, so that safe operation can be carried out to get the revolution rate we need.
The general starter has no deceleration function. Compared with the conventional starter, the deceleration starter has a lower impact on the engine, an increase in torque, and a decrease in volume and weight. And the reduction starter has an extra set of reduction gears, most of which use planetary gear sets, but also use ordinary gears. Compared with the ordinary direct drive starter, the reduction starter reduces the volume and weight and increases the torque, so the starting performance is better than that of the direct drive. The starter is superior, especially in winter to show its advantages.


Post time: Jun-29-2021