starter motors:Who moves first when the car starts?


NITEL takes you to understand the starter

As soon as the key is inserted and turned, the car will start. At

this time, the engine will make a “buzzing” sound. Most people

think that the car starts to move because the engine starts first

and then drives the wheels. You might be wrong thinking this

way. Because the engine cannot be started by itself, the

rotation of external force is needed to drive the engine to work.

At this time I have to mention the starter for a long time.

The starter is also called the starter motor. The general starter

motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

through a battery to generate power to rotate. Then the engine

is driven by the gear to realize the start of the car.

Regardless of a small starter, its internal structure is also

compact and complicated. The overall parts can be roughly

divided into 24 parts, namely electromagnetic switch-electric

shock-power terminal (battery)-dynamic shock-front end

cover-brush spring -Steering gear

Brush-housing-magnetic pole-armature-assembly field

winding-guide ring-thrust ring-one-way clutch

Armature shaft-drive gear-transmission mechanism-brake

disc-toothed spring

Shift fork-movable iron core-return spring-electromagnetic


Starter occupies so important in the car, and choosing a good

starter is also very important. Like the deceleration starter

developed by NITEL, it combines many advantages and has

30 years of research and development experience to endorse.

The product is safe, reliable and trustworthy. .

NITEL deceleration starter has the following advantages:

No fear of ambient temperature, can start normally at -40℃ to


Compact structure design, integrated design of starter switch

and relay

Life is improved, the number of starts is more than 60,000

Full body waterproof up to level 7

A new type of clutch output structure is applied to further

reduce the probability of hitting and top teeth
So the starter also chooses NITEL.

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Post time: Aug-06-2021