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Common problems and solutions for the deceleration starter unable to start:

Vehicle failure phenomenon

Cause Analysis


No action of starter

The battery loses electricity, the standard is not less than 24.9V Charge or replace the battery
Loose or oxidized battery pile head Clean and tighten
Start relay failed Replace the relay
Loose connection point of start relay Clean and tighten
Excessive wear of starter motor brush Replace carbon brush or armature
The starter can be turned normally, the engine cannot be started The temperature is too low and the diesel engine is too cold Warm up the engine
Air in the diesel system Exhaust air
Clogged fuel line or filter Unblock the fuel pipeline

Weak starting

Battery loss Charge or replace the battery
Short circuit inside the motor Replace the starter
The line voltage drop is too large Retighten the contacts or replace the aging circuit

The engine does not start when the starter is idling

Starter unidirectional skid Replace the one-way assembly
The distance between the drive gear of the starter and the ring gear of the flywheel is too large  Adjust the size of the static position of the drive gear of the starter, normally 2-5mm
There is too much dirt on the exposed part of the shaft surface in the drive end cover of the starter, causing the one-way device to move slowly or jam on the shaft Regularly clean the dirt on the surface of the starter shaft to ensure the normal movement of the unidirectional device on the shaft.