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The stator assembly we produce are suitable for hundreds of models of starters.


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A stator assembly includes a stator core, an insulated wire frame, a coil, and an annular insulation structure. The stator core includes a magnetic yoke portion and a radial tooth portion, and the radial tooth portion extends from the magnetic yoke portion. The insulated wire frame disposed outside the radial tooth portion of the stator core has a winding slot. The coil is wound in the winding slot of the insulated wire frame annularly. The annular insulation structure is formed by injection moulding and wraps an area where the coil is exposed out of the insulated wire frame, and the coil is packaged between the insulated wire frame and the annular insulation structure.

Regarding quality, we strictly control the selection of raw materials, implement all inspections when entering the factory, and the production process strictly follows ISO/TS 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 quality grade standards . And the company introduces imported Canada DV testing equipment to comprehensively test 100% testing in strict accordance with industry standards to ensure that each product meets domestic standards and the corresponding quality standards in Europe, so that customers can use the products with confidence.

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    Our company—Nitel Motors is an excellent manufacturer of gear-reduction starters and its components. We have passed ISO/TS 16949-2009 International Quality System strictly. Our satisfied products include Delco 38MT and 39 MT series, Bosch series, Mitsubishi series, Prestolite series, Hitachi series, more than 10 series and 100 models of starting motors. Our products suit for many kinds of engines and Trucks, such as Cummins engines, Deutz engines, Freightliner Trucks, International Trucks, Caterpiller engines, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, DAF Trucks, Scania Trucks, Daewoo Trucks, Iveco Trucks, OMAN Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Nissan Trucks, Weichai Power engines, Sinotruk, DCEC engines, CCEC engines, Shanghai Diesel engines, Dalian Diesel engines and so on.
    we are very confident that when you work with us, We can seek common development profit.
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    Trust us, Choose us, Come to us .
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    6033AD3242    BOSCH
    233585           CARGO
    CAR10203AS   CASCO
    IM2139            ORME
    1012183 POWERMAX
    SAR10203        SANDO
    WSA59002      WOODAUTO
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